What Makes Up a Label?

Create a Label with the Desirable Look, Quality and Performance

Materials that are printed and die cut to form a label are called facestocks. Facestocks are made of paper or film and provide a variety of performance characteristics, such as resistance to moisture or chemicals and appearance properties, such as shiny metallic or a clear “no-label” look. There have been a variety of facestocks developed over the years for different markets. Usually, the higher the cost, the higher the performance. Film facestocks (synthetics) are more durable and ​have a higher cost than papers. Presto Labels offers a wide variety of facestocks. If you don’t see the facestock you are looking for, give us a call. There is a good chance we can help you!

Choose your label’s adhesive based on the specific properties related to your application, as well as the environment in which your label will be used. Your label should adhere securely to the specific surface. Presto Labels offers permanent, removable, repositionable, opaque and freezer adhesives for a variety of applications. If you don't know which adhesive you need, call us so we can help you choose the material and adhesive for your application.

An ink is a pigment, dye or colorant that is mixed with a base to affix and distribute the pigment onto the facestock. Presto Labels uses durable U.V. inks, which do not rub or scratch off the material. Therefore, you do not need to add a varnish or overlaminate to protect the ink. 

Varnishes and Overlaminates
A varnish is a clear coating, applied like an ink. An overlaminate is a topcoat film that is adhered to the facestock. Overlaminate materials provide excellent protection to printed label materials from harsh environments, such as abrasion, chemical exposure, high temperatures and weather exposure. Presto Labels offers matte and gloss overlaminates and varnishes to provide more protection for your label and/or enhance the label’s esthetic feel or appearance.

What Makes Up a Label