Medical & Healthcare Labels

Functional, Quality Labels for the Healthcare Industry

In medical and healthcare labeling, you don’t have to attract attention on the shelf, or create eye-catching graphics. The most important ingredient in your medical and healthcare label is quality, and your label must be functional as it is used for identification, trace-ability and patient safety.

The medical and healthcare industry demands adhesive labels for unique and specialized applications such as labeling equipment, food trays, fluid bags, syringes, laboratory slides, patient charts, test tubes and so on. Presto Label’s bar-coding and variable printing is crisp and tested for readability.  Our 4-color process presses, with laser cutting capabilities, allow you to easily create custom sizes, slits and perforations for your unique application—without expensive plates and dies. Upon request, Presto Labels will provide material samples so that you can test the face-stock and adhesive within the application’s environment before ordering your labels.

  • Laboratory Labels

    Multiple Face-Cut Laboratory Labels

    Keep your laboratory running efficiently by designing your lab label around your unique work flow and capture the information you need to improve safety and communication. Presto Labels' precise laser cutting allows you to easily design multiple​ face​​-cut laboratory labels. Simply send us a die line on a layer of your artwork. Perfect for pharmaceutical, medical, agricultural, environmental, biotechnology and forensic industries.
  • Variable Printing and Barcoding

    Variable Printing on Labels for Laboratory, Medical and Healthcare Tracking and Barcoding

    Presto Label's black variable print allows for tracking and barcoding. Simply provide us with your Excel spreadsheet database.